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USANA Price Reduction

We are pleased to announce that at the USANA Celebration held in Melbourne yesterday (Friday the 18th of January 2013) USANA announced new lower product pricing for the Australian market.

Prices for all USANA nutritional products (USANA Essentials and Optimizers) , Sensé skin care, Sensé hair care, food (Nutrimeal™ and Nutririon Bars) and drink (Rev3 Energy™) products have been reduced by up to 20%.

This website was updated with the new pricing after the announcement so all orders from 12pm on the 18th of January 2013 will show the new pricing.

Each product on this website shows two prices, the current RRP and our normal selling price. BOTH those prices have been reduced to reflect the new pricing structure. As an example, the Essentials which is our biggest selling product shows a new retail price of $73.20 and our new selling price of $61.10. This is a significant reduction from the previous retail price of $98.70 and selling price of $82.30.