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COQUINONE™ (COQ10 30MG) Discontinuation

USANA CoQuinone™

USANA Health Sciences Australia have advised that due to the increasing popularity of the USANA CoQuinone 100™ (COQ10 100MG) product, the CoQuinone 30 (COQ10 30MG) version will only be available in Australia and New Zealand until 22nd November 2015 (unless sold out prior).

Once CoQuinone 30 is no longer available it’s alternative is CoQuinone 100™.

Here at First Class Vitamins the CoQuinone 100 product has always been a much better seller than CoQuinone 30 due to its higher CoQ10 content and better value pricing (per MG).

Should you have any questions or concerns about this product change please do not hesitate to contact us.