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Website Upgrades 3rd April 2016

Dear Customers and Visitors,

Re: Website Upgrades

UPDATE 24-04-2016: We have made a small update today to remove the shipping calculator from the checkout page.

The calculator was newly introduced in our major upgrade on the 3rd of April where it was a included as a mandatory function.

As we offer flat rate shipping of $10 per order for any product quantity to anywhere in Australia the calculator is not necessary on the First Class Vitamins website so after working with the shopping cart developer it’s been removed from our site.

Items (2), (3) and (4) below no longer apply and this has now made the checkout process simpler.

UPDATE 03-04-2016: The First Class Vitamins website was upgraded this afternoon to pick up the latest updates including bug fixes, security updates and functionality updates.

The changes will mostly be ‘invisible’ to you except for a change to how the Checkout page appears and works.

Checkout Page Changes:

(1) The checkout process was previously split over two pages but is now all on one page.

(2) There is now a ‘Calculate Shipping Price’ section which needs to be filled and then the “Calculate” button clicked to display the shipping charge, GST and your total order price.

(3) If at any point you change the Shipping Country or Shipping State you will need to (re)click the “Calculate” button. This also applies if you tick the ‘Same as billing address’ option as that updates the shipping destination.

(4) If the Shipping Country or Shipping State changes the checkout page will scroll back up to the ‘Calculate Shipping Price’ section so you can re-click the “Calculate” button.

Once the shipping has been (re)calculated you then choose your payment method and click the “Purchase” button as usual.

If you encounter any problems please contact us through the Contact Us page.

Yours sincerely,
Mike at FCV.