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USANA Releases CellSentials™ Pack

USANA has today released their new CellSentials™ Pack in Australia and New Zealand.

CellSentials™ is a direct replacement for the USANA Essentials (Multi Vitamin+).

The Essentials is no longer available for purchase and the HealthPak product has been upgraded to remove the Essentials and add CellSentials™.

CellSentials™ is a new and improved version of the Essentials introducing USANA’s InCelligence Technology™ (Patent-Pending).

This exclusive cell-signaling technology—now found in various USANA® products—is designed to help your body’s cells renew and protect themselves in unique and powerful ways, representing a monumental leap forward in cellular nutrition and overall wellness.*

Information about the new product can be found on the USANA CellSentials™ shopping page or by viewing the videos below.

Short 4 minute overview…

Longer 16 minute detail view…

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