USANA Nutrimeal Product Guide

When choosing a USANA Nutrimeal product it’s important to keep in mind the packaging and pricing.

In the shopping pages you will see two styles of packaging, the Nutrimeal gusset resealable multi-use packets and the bulk pack single serve packets.

Both products are the same internally, the ingredients, calories, protein and fat are identical per serve for the two styles of packaging.

French Vanilla Nutrimeal Gusset Pack Image
Nutrimeal in resealable packaging
French Vanilla Nutrimeal Bulk Pack Image
Nutrimeal in single serve packaging

Nutrimeal product in resealable packaging

These are multi-use resealable packets containing 9 serves. Each serve is measured out with a scoop (provided in the packet). This works well from home but the bulk packs tend to be a more convenient option if away from home at work or travelling.

Nutrimeal product in bulk packs

These are individual packets shipped in a brown light weight ‘box’. There are 30 individually wrapped single serves in the box. These are the more convenient packaging form if away from home at work or travelling. They are the less fuss option, just snip open the single serve packet, tip into a blender bottle with water and shake. No measuring, no mess.

Nutrimeal product pricing

Other than packaging the significant difference between the two Nutrimeal options is pricing. On a per serve basis the Nutrimeal bulk packs are around 20% cheaper than the multi-use resealable packets.

Nutrimeal product Usage Tips

When starting out with a USANA Nutrimeal Product follow the suggested 290-340ml of water recommendation. If necessary add more water, once you find your preferred consistency, mark the water level on your shaker bottle with a permanent maker.

With any of the USANA Nutrimeal products we find the colder the water used the more we enjoy them.

If desired, USANA Fibergy Plus and/or USANA Soyamax protein powder can be added to increase the fibre and protein levels respectively but you will typically need to add additional water (especially if adding Fibergy).

Personally, I find psyllium as found in most fibre based products a little unpleasant but mixing Fibergy Plus in with a Nutrimeal shake hides it well.

Fruit is another great addition to add to a Nutrimeal shake or occasionally using milk or soy-milk instead of water is a nice change.