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MySmart™ Interview with the Scientist

MySmart Scientist Q and A

When you want inside information about a product, you go to the source. Luckily, we didn’t have to go very far to ask about the new USANA MySmart™Foods.

We asked Dr. Brian Dixon, executive director of health and science education at USANA, a few questions about our great new MySmart™Shakes and MySmart™Bars. Let’s see what he said.

What went into the development of these new products?
We recognized a desire among consumers for simple, pure products. They want ingredients they can pronounce and easily understand. That means cleaner labels and ingredients that are closer to nature. One thing I was taught was to simply look at the length of an ingredient deck—almost always, shorter is better.

This was also an opportunity to add in more healthy fats—mainly from coconut oil—to provide healthy macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fats. For a long time, the story was that fats were bad. When you dig into the scientific literature, that’s just not the case.

So what’s going on with the saturated fat in the products?
Fats are a vital nutrient, especially for our cells. And the type of fats found in coconut oil—which is what we use in these products—has quite a few health benefits. It’s been shown to support healthy metabolism, and contribute to satiety. There’s also evidence coconut oil is a heart-healthy food because it supports healthy triglyceride levels and maintains good cholesterol levels already in the normal range.

How will the shakes and bars benefit my overall diet?
That’s a great question. We are very good at talking about “essential” micronutrients—the vitamins and minerals that are essential to sustain life. However, we often forget there are “essential” macronutrients as well. MySmartFoods offer both essential and healthy macronutrients designed to help bring our overall diet back into balance.

Around the world, we are consuming more calories coming mostly from refined sugars, and more specifically, from snacking. The primary goal of these new products is to help restore balance in our diet, and combine them with the USANA® Essentials™ to provide the essential macro- and micro-nutrition our bodies need to thrive.

What’s the target customer for these products?
There isn’t one. We designed the shakes and bars to work for everyone. We used the best science and ingredients available to develop these products to fit into any lifestyle.

The shakes, especially, are very customizable. We have three different bases—plant, whey, and soy—which gives people options right away. There are a variety of flavors that will appeal to a lot of different palates, and boosters to provide more protein or fiber. They fit any lifestyle because they’re so easy to personalize.

Are the products low glycemic?
The new bars are low glycemic. The new shakes can’t make that claim because there is no added sugar. There simply isn’t enough sugar to even determine a glycemic score experimentally. It is literally impossible. So, while we can’t measure the glycemic index of shakes, of course they will help support your low-glycemic diet.

Will the products make me feel full longer?
Besides fat, it is well known and scientifically documented that increased amounts of fiber and protein will also help increase the overall sense of satiety and boost your metabolism. Just two of the many health benefits these macronutrients provide.

What’s your favorite new flavor of shake and bar?
EASY!!! Cappuccino and chocolate.

(Editor: This article has been reposted from the USANA distributor news announcement)

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MySmart™Bar from USANA

New! MySmart Bars from USANA


Coming Soon!

Available late 2015 or early 2016, depending on your market—are the delicious, healthy choices that fit perfectly into your life.

When you throw a USANA MySmart™Bar into your bag, you aren’t just packing a snack for later.

You’re making a statement. You’re telling the world you’re picking the smart choice for your health. What they won’t know is just how easy that choice was.

And why’s it so easy? Because MySmartBars aren’t your average snack. You can eat them between meals or after workout, but they’re so much more.

They’re made with simple, pure ingredients to create a beneficial balance of macronutrients. Each bar is packed with protein and healthy fat—mainly from coconut oil. And, did we mention how great they taste?

MySmartBars come in three delicious flavors of soft-baked goodness—Coconut Cashew, Dark Chocolate, and Peanut Butter.

Let’s take a closer look at each bar.

Coconut Cashew

The name says it all. This bar is packed with raw cashews, coconut oil, cashew butter, coconut flakes, and an organic chocolate drizzle.

130 calories
10 grams (g) protein
6 g fat
1 g sugar
9 g fibre
13 g carbs

Dark Chocolate

Get your chocolate fix with organic chocolate chunks and dark cocoa powder.

150 calories
9 g protein
7 g fat
5 g sugar
6 g fibre
15 g carbs

Peanut Butter

You’ll go nuts for this bar with dry roasted peanuts, natural peanut butter, and just a touch of organic chocolate.

150 calories
11 g protein
7 g fat
3 g sugar
6 g fibre
13 g carbs

U.S. product shown. Not all products available in all markets.

(Editor: This article has been reposted from the USANA distributor news announcement)

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MySmart™Shakes – Custom make your shake!

MySmart Shakes - Custom Make Your Shake

USANA MySmart™Shakes

Coming Soon!

Available late 2015 or early 2016, depending on your market—are the delicious, healthy choices that fit perfectly into your life.

The world has enough shakes that are ordinary, average, okay, or just fine.

We don’t do just fine. We do smart, unique, and personalised.

That’s why we made USANA MySmart™Shakes and packed them with simple, pure ingredients designed to deliver a beneficial balance of macronutrients. And that’s why we gave you options—three protein bases, five flavor optimisers, and a performance booster—so your shake can fit your life.

How to Build Your Perfect MySmartShake
Each part of the MySmartFoods line is numbered to guide you through the process. So making your perfectly personalized MySmartShake is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Choose your protein base—plant, soy, or whey.
Choose your Flavor Optimiser—dark chocolate, cappuccino, peach mango, banana, orange cream, or stick with the mild vanilla flavour of the base.
Add in a booster, like Protein Plus.

Step 1: A Solid Base
Building a personalised shake starts with your preferred protein base. MySmartShakes offer three great options: plant, soy, and whey.

Each base contains pure, high-quality protein from a natural source—with the plant base using pea and potato protein, and the whey coming from non-hormone-treated cows. The bases all have a mild vanilla flavor that blends well with other flavours or is great on its own.

And, per serving, you’ll be getting 18 grams of protein, eight grams of fibre, and six grams of fat—mainly from coconut oil—with zero grams of sugar and only 150 calories. That means one MySmartShake a day, taken with the USANA® Essentials™, can help restore balance to your diet and provide you with the essential macro- and micro-nutrition to support your health goals.

Every choice is a smart one, so you can choose the protein base that best fits your dietary needs and lifestyle.

Step 2: Flavour Frenzy
Most shakes don’t get past the base. You’re stuck with the same flavor scoop after scoop after scoop. Where’s the fun in that?

You have five USANA MySmart™ Flavor Optimisers to choose from—dark chocolate, cappuccino, peach mango, banana, and orange cream. So if you wake up in a banana mood, add that flavor to your protein base of choice. The next time, go ahead and treat yourself to a dark chocolate shake—you deserve it.

It’s all about creating the shake that works best for you.

Step 3: Add a Little Something Extra
Need more protein? Add 10 grams with a scoop of USANA MySmart™Shake Protein Plus, our new 100-percent whey protein booster. And that’s just the start.

Maybe you’re feeling like adding a little fruit or some greens. Go for it. MySmartShakes blend well with the healthy ingredients you love.

They also integrate perfectly with our other products. Add in a scoop of Fibergy® Plus, or include a stick of USANA® Probiotic. And don’t forget to take the Essentials with your shake.

U.S. product shown. Not all products available in all markets.

(Editor: This article has been reposted from the USANA distributor news announcement)

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MySmart™ Foods Product Range

USANA MySmart Foods Product Range

MySmart™Shakes and MySmart™Bars

Coming Soon!

Available late 2015 or early 2016, depending on your market—are the delicious, healthy choices that fit perfectly into your life.

How Do You Build a Better Foods Product?
It starts with a foundation of solid science. That’s just who we are.

Then we construct it using simple, naturally derived ingredients—the kind you can actually pronounce and understand. So it won’t take you a half hour to read through the back of the package.

Finally, these clean, pure ingredients create a beneficial balance of macronutrients—carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. And there’s no added sugar, which supports a low-glycemic impact on your body.

MySmartFoods was formulated with essential macronutrients and fewer carbs to bring balance to the modern carbohydrate-heavy diet. So one shake a day—taken with the USANA® Essentials™—provides the essential macro- and micro-nutrition to support your health goals.

Did You Say Healthy Fat?
“Healthy fat” isn’t an oxymoron. It’s one of the reasons our new products are the smartest choice for your health.

Fats, including saturated fats, are vital nutrients for our cells. And one good source of saturated fat—coconut oil—has a groundswell of scientific support and some big-name fans, including Dr. Myron Wentz and Dr. Mehmet Oz. It makes sense, because recent studies have shown the oil can help support your heart, brain, and metabolism.

So you can see why we’ve added coconut oil to MySmartShakes and MySmartBars.

But How Will It Fit in My Life?
Your health is our central concern. That’s why MySmartShakes provide options that make personalization easy.

You’ll be able to get a shake that perfectly fits your body’s needs and your personal tastes. Choose from:
• Three protein bases with a mild vanilla flavor—plant, soy, and whey
• Five USANA MySmart™ Flavor Optimizers—dark chocolate, cappuccino, peach mango, banana, and orange cream
• Add a performance booster, like USANA MySmart™Shake Protein Plus—our new 100-percent whey protein optimizer
• Mix in fruit, greens, your favorite healthy ingredients, or other USANA products—like Fibergy® Plus, or USANA® Probiotic

And MySmartFoods weren’t designed with a specific type of customer in mind. They’re customizable enough to work with your dietary needs and support your goals—wherever you are on your journey to optimal health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

U.S. product shown. Not all products available in all markets.

(Editor: This article has been reposted from the USANA distributor news announcement)