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USANA InCelligence Technology™

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Cells are smart. And they’re constantly talking to each other to keep you going. InCelligence utilises a natural process called cell signalling to join the conversations your cells are having. USANA scientists identified powerful nutrients that bind to certain cell receptors and transmit messages that activate processes inside your cells that are essential to your health.*


USANA’s innovative technology promotes powerful antioxidant production inside your cells. Yes, your cells can create their own antioxidants, and they’re quite a bit different—and better—than the antioxidants you’ve heard about for years. Antioxidants produced inside your cells provide protection up to 100 times more powerful than antioxidants taken in through your diet.*


When your cells produce the energy you need to power through every day, they also create harmful free radicals. InCelligence has an answer. Using powerful nutrients, InCelligence communicates with your cells to enhance their natural renewal response. This purification process removes the harmful byproducts of cellular-energy creation, which is essential to the health of your cells.*


InCelligence is like strength training for your cells. Taking a proactive approach to activating natural protective and renewal processes helps build cellular resilience and optimize the natural longevity of cellular function. Resilient cells are able to more easily adapt to your lifestyle. That’s how InCelligence empowers your body to meet your unique health needs, unlocking your unparalleled ability to personalize vibrant health from within.*

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